Fenrir Profile




“Never tell me the cost… only the price!”


When Fenrir wants something, the wise course of action is to get out of his way — fast! Utterly single-minded, brutally direct and determined to have and to hold all manner of precious artefacts and valuable cargos, Fenrir lets some kind of primal instinct grip him when he’s on the hunt! Of course, these days (a little older, a smidgeon wiser), he tends not to dirty his hands directly. Better to sit back, let others fetch and carry, and then just sell the procured (often illegally) item onwards… at a fat profit. But sometimes, just sometimes—especially when a certain Cougar is involved—Fenrir tends to get hands-on again, throwing sound business/commonsense out the window with a howl of sheer inarticulate glee! Ever since Cougar—on moral grounds—reneged on a contract, left him high and dry with a rich and powerful buyer and a distinct lack of item to sell him, Fenrir has taken any and every opportunity to extract his due pound of flesh (metal)! Truth be told, there’s a part of Fenrir that acknowledges that Cougar is better at what he does that he ever was, but this just incenses him further, incites him to take bigger and wilder risks, less and less heedful of any personal cost to himself.




In robot mode, Fenrir is all about in-built resilience. From his super-compacted, segmented (interlocking) armour plating to his shock absorbent tires to his sub-dermal tremor buffers, he’s built to withstand all but the most severe concussive or ballistic impact. Once he’s in motion, he stops at nothing (literally!), his tactic of choice being to simply charge at/through defences and defenders alike. Equipped with pneumatic digging tools, cutting lasers and vibro-shock detonators in his hands, Fenrir can effortlessly uncover even the most deeply buried treasures, having first pinpointed its position via a visor that utilizes thermal, telescopic and sonic imaging. These also allow him to identify—and exploit—microscopic weaknesses in an opponents’ armour. Fenrir’s back-mounted photon cannons roll forwards to provide any necessary firepower, though in truth (as something of a living weapon himself) he barely needs them. In vehicle mode, he can engage a seismic rumble system, making it difficult for enemies to gain a solid target lock. Though slow, his overall melee range is considerable. In either mode, Fenrir can generate a localized debilitating EMP, effective against non-living computer-based systems.




Greed is perhaps Fenrir’s greatest weakness, that and his obsessive, pathological hatred of Cougar. Both tend to confound Fenrir’s more businesslike, coldly appraising nature, pushing him into situations that threaten his liberty and, sometimes, even his life. Due to the complex, interlocking nature of Fenrir’s armature, any damage sustained takes longer than usual to heal.