Fenrir Announcement

"We are pleased to announce that the winning entry for the "Create a villain contest" has finally been created by artist Guido Guidi and that the bio has now been assembled by winner Tyler Siloski and writer Simon Furman.


As you can see from the results above Fenrir has turned out better than we had hoped, and with a perfect bio from Simon and Tyler we couldn’t have wished for a better end result. Please post your comments on the character and let us know your thoughts on the bio also. We’re sure both Simon and Tyler would love to hear your thoughts.


Please note this is Guido's first sketch of Fenrir due to a high work schedule. A full pose will be available in due course that will show Fenrir in all his glory and full weaponry, a must see we’re sure!


Finally we’re now working on a story to introduce all the characters we have and with a bit of luck this will be available in comic book form towards the beginning of 2007, all things going well.


We hope everybody is looking forward to the background story and finding out exactly where and in what direction subsequent stories may take them… We have a fantastic team working on this and we’re extremely thankful for all the positive support and comments that we’ve received over the past 10 months regarding Cougar, thank you.


We would like to thank Simon Furman for his constant support and help towards the characters development and his belief in them; it has been a blast so far. Tyler Siloski for his entry and also his writing ability; both he and Simon worked hard to finish the bio for Fenrir and it’s a credit to them both.


Thanks to Guido for his amazing artwork and for sparing the little time he has to actually create these fantastic looking characters for us, again, Guido, thank you!


Please find Fenrir's full bio and profile pic below. All information on Cougar and the team can be found at our sister site www.cougarhq.com We are still working on the site so please bear with us as there will be changes going on over the coming weeks. All news and pictures will be added during the next fortnight.




Team TFAuctions.com


Team Cougarhq.com"