DVD Disc 2 Art and Features Revealed

With just a little over a month until the Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD arrives in stores, the weekly reveals continue at the official DVD site.

This week's additions: a look at the disc 2 face label art, featuring the Matrix; and a complete listing of the special features on the DVD.  The goodies include…

  • Full-screen and widescreen versions of the movie
  • "Autobot Matrix of Knowledge" – full-length movie featuring pop-ups with facts and trivia
  • Commentary and featurettes with director Nelson Shin, producers Tom Griffin and Joe Bacal, story consultant Flint Dille, and Arcee's voice Sue Blu
  • "Scramble City" with commentary
  • 2007 live-action movie trailer and sneak peek
  • US and Japanese toy commercials

For the full listing of all the features broken down by disc, check out the official DVD site!


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