Confirmed: Titanium Scourge and Optimal Optimus at US Retail

{mosimage}Long-time TFW2005 board member D-Compose has posted a sighting for 6" Titanium Scourge and Optimal Optimus in Sunnyvale California at a Toys 'R' Us there.  Here are his words…

"Hey Dudes,

I'm on vacation in Sunny California, and today I went toy hunting with the GF and found Transformers Titanium Scourge and Optimal Optimus at Toys R Us in Sunnyvale California

Because I don't have a way to post a pic from this free internet computer, I can't show you the photo evidence, but I'll put my whole Reputation on this, being a LONG TIME board member.

I also found all the Wave one Classics and Titanium Jetfire and Thundercracker

Happy Hunting!"

You can find his post here .

***Update***  Allspark Forum member Matrix Prime and VicegripX have confirmed this finding and VicegripX has been kind enough to post a picture of his find with receipt.  You can see it here .