Comic Book Resource interviews Simon Furman

Simon Furman, legend among comic book enthusiasts, has been interviews by Comic Book Resource.  In the interview he speaks about his plans for Escalation and about the upcoming Spotlight issue that features Hot Rod.  Here is a little of what Simon had to say.

When asked how he'll approach Hot Rod in the one-shot, Furman said, "The joy of these spotlights, in the context of our new G1 universe, is that I don't necessarily have to (and, in fact, am taking pains not to) do the characters as they've been down before. So, while I try and stay true to the essence of Hot Rod, I've kind of taken the bits I liked (brash, daredevil, rather hot-heated) and discarded those I didn't (whiny, etc). Funnily enough, there's still an element of him 'screwing up' in the story, but it's more the making of him (as well as his Achilles Heel!).

You can read the entire interview over at Comic Book Resource here