Canadian News Update!

Over the frozen tundra of the Jungle planet's northern most regions he roams.  It is a lonely existance, but an existance he abides over without challenge.  There are few that could live in such conditions, let alone thrive and call them home.  Cryo remembers little of his past and has never cared to go digging.  Would he leave his stoic and rigid existance if he knew of a half brother to the south who ruled with an iron fist?  Would it move his cold heart or harden it?

Alright, so fan fiction isn't my cup of tea.  However, Cryo Scourge does inspire the imagination and he'll be inspiring our Canadian friends now.  Cryo Scourge has now shown up at Canadian retail.  Cosmo, of the boards has made mention of a sighting at an Ontario Toys 'R' Us.  You can see the report here

In other good news for our friends North of the border, Toys 'R' Us Canada is also having a sale on Cybertron Basics.  This was reported by Team Jetfire, also of  Now priced at $4.99, this sale is reported to be running until October 27th.