Budiansky and Figueroa Interviewed

I'm no comic expert, but when the names Budiansky and Figueroa are mentioned, I know them.  These two guys have teamed up on IDW's new adaptation of the Transformers: The Movie in comic form.  We previously reported on the 5 page preview that IDW released last week of the first issue of this short comic series.  The art looks awesome.

Now, Wizard Entertainment has cornered these two for an interview about the series adaptation.  What follows is a brief portion of the full interview which you can find here.

"WIZARD: What’s it like for you to be a part of the Transformers for this pivotal story?

BUDIANSKY: It’s not the first time I returned to this “pivotal story”—I was the editor of Marvel’s adaptation in 1986! But it was nice to be able to get involved with Transformers again as a writer after 17 years away from it and have the luxury of four issues to adapt this story, which has so much significance in the Transformers mythology.

FIGUEROA: It’s a fan’s dream! I tried to stay as true to the original, even adapting my style a bit to that of the cartoon, but not totally copying it frame by frame. It’s such a classic that I really didn’t want to mess with it visually too much."