Board Wars: Allspark Wins!

For those of you waiting with bated breath to hear the final results of the Board Wars game:

Round 1: Allspark vs. TFW2005: Allspark wins
Round 2: Seibertron vs. Transfandom: Transfandom wins
Round 3: The Hub vs. Transtopia: Transtopia wins
Round 4: Inside Pulse Gets a Bye
Semifinals Round 1: Allspark vs. Transfandom: Allspark wins
Semifinals Round 2: Transtopia vs. Insidepulse: Insidepulse wins
Final Round: Allspark vs. Insidepulse: Allspark wins!!!

The Allspark's team members consisted of:

First round: Newsy891, Spectre, Fang, Bainreese, Cheetimus
Subsequent rounds: Spectre, RYNO, Kalidor, Fang, Cheetimus 

Congratulations to all the players for a really great event.  Thanks to everyone who played on the Allspark team (especially the non-staff who jumped in to make sure we had some expert help!) We had fun and hope to play again next year!

You can view some images of the game here.