BBTS Newsletter 10/02

We've received the latest update from BBTS!  Here are this week's Transformers related items.

Hi – Here is a quick update from packed full
of Transformers news.  We just returned from the Botcon convention and
have all kinds of new items to tell you about.


MP-03 MASTERPIECE STARSCREAM:  Takara's mind blowing Masterpiece
Starscream is now in stock for $99.99.  This figure has a complex
transformation, extreme detail and an awesome sculpt.  Our shipment is 80%
sold and the rest of them are flying out the door so don't procrastinate
too long on this beauty.

MP-04 MASTERPIECE CONVOY & TRAILER:  Finally a trailer worthy of the
Masterpiece Convoy.  Takara has crafted a highly detailed and fully
opening trailer in perfect scale with Prime so he can now enjoy the
benefits of his traveling lab.  This huge set is priced at $189.99 and
will likely be the defining Optimus Prime action figure for all time.

STAR WARS 12" SIDESHOW:  Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn are now each in
stock for $49.99.  Authentic outfits and more great head sculpts from

KISS PLAYERS ATARI & AUTOROOPER:  Another entry into Takara's off the wall
Kiss Play storyline.  This set features a Worlds Smallest Autorooper
Transformer as well as a larger PVC Atari anime style figure – in stock
for $39.99.

FOUR HORSEMEN – 7TH KINGDOM XETHEUS:  The first figure, and leader of the
7th Kingdom, Xetheus – is now in stock for $19.99.  There are not too many
of these to go around.


TRANSFORMERS ALTERNATORS:  Ravage & Rumble have just been announced!
Ravage will be none other than a Jaguar XK, and Rumble is a Honda Civic Si
with huge piston style hands for pounding the ground.  These are available
singly for $24.99 and $27.99 respectivly, and also as part of a new case
assortment with 2x Ravage, 1x Rumble, 1x Mirage for $89.99.   Mirage is
also back up for preorder at $23.99

E-HOBBY THS-02B – BLACK OPTIMUS PRIME:  E-Hobby comes through with another
nifty repaint, the THS-02 figure was wildly popular and this repaint comes
with a few extra heads and cannons as a bonus.  Scheduled to ship in
February, this new exclusive will be a limited edition as always and is
priced at $84.99

TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC DELUXE:  Grimlock and Mirage join the original four
figures in the second wave of Classic figures.  They are unfortunately
both short-packed so our single figure listings for Grimlock & Mirage are
higher than I'd like them to be, but we've put together some very
reasonable package deals:  $89.99 for a case of 8 figures, and $69.99 for
a set of all 6 of the classics released so far.   Another set of the first
four figures can't hurt anyways – its always fun to display both modes at

TRANSFORMERS 6" TITANIUM:  Hasbro debuted a bunch of new 6" Titanium
figures, the first two we can list are Soundwave and Rodimus Prime, priced
at $16.99 each.  This series continues to look great and each figure is
fully transformable on top of being die-cast metal.

STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS:  We don't have any images yet, but Hasbro has just
announced three new battle packs priced at $23.99 each:  Battle of
Geonosis, Capture of Tantive, and Jedi Training on Dagobah.  Check out all
the upcoming Battle Packs here:

TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS – LEGENDS:  Another new price point in the Classics
line-up.  These figures will be slightly smaller than a typical 'basic'
sized figure and similar to the 'Legends of Cybertron' line from earlier
this year.  The first wave is priced at $17.99 and includes one each of
Fireflight, Leo Prime, Perceptor, and Trypticon.

BOTCON 2006 EXCLUSIVES:  We have a very small number of the 'Dawn of
Futures Past' Boxed and Loose sets remaining for preorder.  These will be
arriving to the warehouse on Wednesday when the truck containing all our
convention stock returns.   We were not able to secure meaningful stock of
any of the other more limited Souvenir Sets unfortunately.

Thanks for your interest in – for those of you who
are into lines other than the Transformers, we'll have more non-TF news
later in the week.


Joel & The BBTS Crew