Allspark Botcon Gallery Updates

The Allspark's Botcon coverage is winding down, but there's still some great stuff you might want to check out!  Our galleries have been updated with the following:

Board Wars Photos

Dealer Room Part 3, including photos of some of the late additions (including 3" Titanium Optimus and Starscream repaints and rear shots of Alternator Rumble and Ravage).  Also included are some more shots of the "Every Minicon ever!" case, and the Comic Showcase with Tigatron and Cheetor as well as Shawn Tessmann's custom Predacons to match the end of the comic from this year's con.

Customization Class Exclusives – Check out these quick shots of the two exclusives from this year's class.  Although it's hard to make out due to the flash, Rumble has black speakers painted on the underside of his alt-mode, and Inferno has blue dots similar to the ones inside his Beast Wars body's tail.

There may be some more coming tomorrow, hopefully shots of the majority of the art and custom tables!