AHQ Newsletter 09/30/06

We've received the latest update from AHQ!  Take a look below for the entire list, including Masterpiece Starscream and MP-04 Optimus with Trailer!

Transformers Masterpiece MP-03 Starscream
Superman Returns Kubrick & Bearbrick set of 2
Transformers Masterpiece MP-04 Optimus Prime w/Trailer [Available next Wednesday Oct 4]
Saint Seiya Dubhe Siefried Myth Cloth Figure [Available next Thursday Oct 5]

New on Preorder:
i, Robot NS-5 Sonny electronic die-cast light up bust [Oct]
1/6 Robocop ED209 [Oct]
Revoltech Optimus Prime [Oct]
Transformers Kiss Autolooper & Atari [Oct]
Marvel Civil Wars Resin Set of 4 (Asia Exclusive) [Nov]
Hot Toys Rocky II -Rocky [Nov]
Hot Toys Rocky II -Clubber Lang [Nov]
Hot Toys Aliens Ellen Ripley [Nov/Dec]
Hot Toys Aliens Private Mark Drake [Nov/Dec]
Ghost in the Shell 1/7 Mokoto Kusanagi PVC figure [Dec]

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