Unicron.com announces their 4th Accessory Pack

{mosimage}For the past several years, the folks at Unicron.com have been developing and producing unofficial accessory packs for fans made available at Botcon. Over the years these packs have included a Beast Machines set, a Unicron figure display stand, and Generation One style Energon Cubes.

Today, pack number 4 has been announced: The Beast Wars Golden Disks with reader attachment for Transmetals Beast Wars Megatron. According to Unicron.com's website:


* "Voyager Style" Golden Disk 
Did you know that the real life Space Shuttle "Voyager" carried a real golden disk?  Our part is designed to be an exact replica.  It was sent with the hope that some time from now, another sentient alien race could learn about the existence of humanity.  The back side shown to the left is a pictorial description of how to "play" the record, it includes a map of the galaxy and Earth's position in it (That's the star shaped graphic shown on the left.)  You can click HERE or HERE to learn about this real human artifact…  Click this link to see a LARGE version of the front side of our part.

* Golden Disk of Alien (Vok) Origin
Complete with accurate pictorial hyroglyphs.  Click the link to see the "other" side of this disk…

Each Disk is manufactured from solid (brass) alloy.  It's like our own version of the 'Titanium' toy line!  In addition, each includes a 'spinner' mechanism, so that on a flat table one can spin each or use it in conjunction with the…

* Golden Disk Reader
This accessory is designed to easily snap into and out of the tail of Transmetal Megatron as shown.  It's a very simple ball/socket mechanism, so you you can quite simply snap the pincher piece off and attach the reader.   The socket portion of the reader has that 'just right' fit, into the tail piece, so it holds it's position, even with either disk inserted.  And as noted, yes the disk spins along the center axis when inserted.  The reader comes assembled and is our own, 100% original mold design of ABS (plastic), just like the other parts of most toys…

AND… One other surprise!  Each package, includes a special 'tech specs' with paragraphs written about the disks and their importance, by BOB FORWARD and LARRY DiTILLIO, Co-Authors and Executive Story Editors for Beast Wars!!!  After the convention, we will post pictures and a full report of all these two great authors have to say.  But for now, we'd like to save some of the surprise for those that come down and see us at the show.  So stop on by!!

You can get the whole scoop and find out how to get yours today by visiting their website and reading the article located here ! And be sure to check out The Allspark's own upcoming review of this fantastic product.