Transformers Movie Update

{mosimage}Over at Shoot for the Edit , Michael Bay's website,the site administrator has stopped by to give us a few words from the big man himself.  It appears that the rumors of Megatron being a Razor plane, or any razor plane being shown in the movie, have been false.  Apparently the star of the film, Shia LaBeouf, mispoke when giving an interview.  Here are Nelson's, the previously mentioned site administrator's comments.

"Spoke to Bay…

1.- Movie will finish filming in four days.

2.- Bay & small unit will go around the country to film stuff in DC, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Alaska, and other places.

3.- The animations are looking awesome. He's very confident with what they've done so far.

4.- And…

…there is no "Razor". Shia meant to say "Raptor". The F-22 has been filmed very little (or not at all) for the big screen. "

You can see his post in the Bay forums here