Official TCC Newsletter Panel Wrap-Up

For future reference, don't get Pete Sinclair, Lanny Latham, Marcelo Matere, Drew Eiden and Forest Lee on a communal panel together.  That way lies madness.

 Just a few tidbits of information from this afternoon's Fan Club and Comic panel follow. There are some real gems here.

  • Classics will exist as its own sub-continuity, at least where the fan-club comic is concerned; next year's story-arc will take place in this timeline; it is envisioned as a sequel to Marvel's G1 storyline.
  • Landquake and Skyfall, essentially relegated to background status during this year's arc, will feature more prominently with 2007's storyline.
  • "Dimension hopping" will play into the story as well, and Classics and the Unicron Trilogy won't be the only continuities we see.
  • Anti-Blaze, Checkpoint and Scythe, the Mini-Con Emergency vehicles, don't have a team name at current, but Forest Lee informed us to "remind him to check his laptop later on"– we'll update you on that one.
  • Fan demand for more MTMTE-styled Mini-Con biographies elicited the response, "See, you can get what you want by asking for it. 

As for the Club's exclusives, Astrotrain is indeed a member of Cannonball's crew, with four Mini-Con buddies: Astro-Hook, Astro-Line, and Astro-Sinker (the Giant Planet Mini-Con teams), and Starcatcher (which is actually a re-used My Little Pony name).  His packaging will be similar to the two five-piece exclusive sets from Botcon– collector friendly heavy cardboard box with a foam insert so that the toy can be removed and replaced at will.  More details on Astrotrain will be posted on Sunday.

 Jake Isenberg and Ben Yee will be collaborating on an illustrated text story, similar to Marvel UK annuals, featuring Cannonball and his crew, to be unveiled on the Botcon website.  Other website-exclusive content will be a reinvisioning of Trent Troop's Theft Of The Golden Disk CGI video, using custom-made meshes based on this year's exclusive offerings.  A trailer was shown directly after the panel, featuring some fleeting glimpses of the upcoming video.

 As usual, more information will be posted as soon as it's available, and keep checking back here during the convention.