Official Images & Profiles: Classics Grimlock and Mirage

{mosimage}When pictures first appeared of Classics Grimlock, it was simply a line drawing of the figure on a color sheet.  Many of the fans  pondered whether the pictures were actually real or some fan rendering.  Well in the time since we've learned that they most certainly were the genuine article.  Fan acceptance of this re-imagination of Grimlock seems to be quite broad.

Now, Hasbro has released official photography of this upcoming Classics figure, along with Classics Mirage.  You can get a look at these pictures by visiting the 'Official Hasbro Pictures ' gallery in the Allspark Image Galleries.  Hasbro has also released the profiles for these two figures, which you can read by clicking the link below.


GRIMLOCK keeps a collection of the parts he's torn off his DECEPTICON enemies. His super-thick ultramantium skin – in both robot and dinosaur mode – is coated in energy-absorbing materials, making him nearly impervious to damage. There are many who might say much the same thing about his mind. He is actually quite smart, but a programming flaw in his speech centers gives him only the most basic communications skills. He dislikes the weak, but is dedicated to the protection of those he views as lesser creatures. The only thing he hates more than weakness, in fact, is those who exploit the weak.


 Together with BUMBLEBEE, MIRAGE completes the AUTOBOT spy team. Where BUMBLEBEE focuses on information however, MIRAGE prefers sabotage. Smart and fast, he's always ready with a joke, even when the situation doesn't call for one. Though he is not totally dedicated to the cause, he cares deeply for his friends, and will do anything he can to protect them. His specialized electro-disruptor weapon can create complex illusions, and even allows him to turn invisible.