New Hasbro Transformers Trademarks

Hasbro has been busy lately.  With all the movie toys to whip up, the new Classics line to work on, and several other side lines like Alternators, anniversary figures, and store exclusives, its hard to see these guys getting much of a break to come up for air.  We don't often get 'behind the scenes' information out of the behemoth that is the Rhode Island based toy company.  So it feels a little bit like we are secreting out information when we get to report on Trademark and Patent information. is now reporting that Hasbro has filed for two new Trademarks.  One for Meister, which we've seen as a certain Mazda RX-8 in the recent past, and one for Hardtop, last used on a Cybertron Basic.  Do they plan to use these names again in the near future or are they only seeking to protect the current use of them?  Stay tuned and you'll get the news as soon as we get it.