MSTF Opens Botcon

Where else could the Botcon attendees be at 10pm on a thursday night but at MSTF Theatre!

Greg "M Sipher" Sepelak, Phil Zeman, and Doug Dlin, plus special guest star David "Walky" Willis as The Grand Evil Overloard, opened Botcon 2006 with the always entertaining and often educational MSTF.  Among the vital bits of information gleaned from the panel's skewering of Go-Bots, G1 episode B.O.T., and the Beast Wars two-parter premiere were…

  • Go-Bot Technology is available at a bank drive-up near you.
  • Gobrillium is a gateway drug to crack.
  • Speaking of unhealthy things to ingest, ignore any and all ads for E Cola.
  • Three uses of a phrase will make it an officially licensed catchphrase.  Examples include, "Well, that's just prime," "We're all gonna die," "Shut up, Rattrap," and apparently Rhinox's "Awww yeah."
  • If you need laser eye surgery, Dinobot's your mech.
  • A rejected 2007 movie storyline could have introduced a thrilled and anticipating world to Bumble-Wheelie-Cheetor-Bot.

Watch this space for more news of high importance from Botcon 2006