More Patent Information from Japan

{mosimage}Might Gaine of the Allspark forums has been diligently checking the Japanese Patent Office website once a week for months now and has been able to uncover great new finds for upcoming Transformers releases.  Sometimes they are of figures that we already were aware of.  But sometimes they are of things yet to be seen.  That is the case this week.

Might Gaine has uncovered patent information for a couple of, as of yet, unseen prototypes.  There are three robots all based on everyday electronics; A PSP (Hand held gaming device), a Cell Phone, and a Camera.  Could these possibly be toys from the upcoming movie?  There has been plenty of rumors about small Transformers in the form of digital devices like iPods, etc.  Decide for yourself, but until then you can get a look at these new Transformers by following Might Gaine's instructions in his thread over in the Allspark Forums.

 You can also get a look at all three of these new molds by visiting the Allspark Photo Galleries Japanese Patent folder.