More Masterpiece Goodness

If you had asked the fandom a year ago if they wanted a Masterpiece figure based on Starscream, the resounding affirmation for such a move would have sent designers scrambling.  However, now that we actually have a Masterpiece Starscream figure, some fans are wishing Takara would take it back!  Certainly the acceptance of the MP-03 figure is mixed at this point.  However,  there is yet to be any well done photoshoot of the figure as it is yet to see release.  Could the tide change and people turn to love this Kawamori creation?  Will the first wave of these figures hitting the U.S. just affirm all the naysers complaints?  Who's to know?

In the meantime our contemplation can continue while consuming the next round of photographs.  Matrix Soul of the TFW2005 boards has posted an image showing several new shots of Starscream in very clear and well lit pictures.  So well lit, in fact, that people are now wondering if this figure is really more green than grey.  You can see these pictures by visiting Matrix Soul's thread here , or you can go directly to the pictures here .