More Hasbro Trademarks

The trademark information just keeps coming.  We recently reported on Hasbro in the process of updating their trademarks for Ultra Magnus, Menasor, and Galvatron.  We also brought you news, via Transformers at the Moon, that Hasbro was looking to trademark Meister and Hardtop.

We would like to thank Transformers at The Moon for their continued vigilance on reporting Hasbro Trademark information.  They have once again uncovered more trademark news.  This round brings us news of two more obscure names that Hasbro is attempting to trademark.  Cyber Stompin' and Knockdown.

These are simply applications at this point, which in no way guarentees Hasbro will earn the right to use either name.  However, it looks likely that they will use Cyber Stompin', as that term was part of a list of products which recently showed up in Target's computer system.