IDW Panel

As promised.  The IDW Panel.

 Pictures of this are now up in the picture gallery here .  We'll upload more later.

  • IDW Panel


  • Simon: Once we get to Devastation after Escalation we’re coming home to roost. We’re brewing up a lot of things in these one shots.


  • As far as Stormbringer goes, when does it actually take place in regards to Infil./Esc./One-Shots?
  • This is very much the IDW timeline, and everything is interconnected.  It doesn’t tie into any previous stuff as we know.  You might see sort of new versions of things that happened in previous continuities.
  • With the one-shots, will they be extended to BW characters?  Right now it’s just G1.  We are planning some more Beast Wars, probably a bigger spotlight.


Click on the link below for more info as well as the Q&A Session. 


    • More Evolution info?  We are gonna do more, but not until after next July.  There’s some “big Transformers thing coming next July”

    • Showed inks from issues by EJ Su,  Nick Roche doing all the one-shots.  Hot Rod’s redesign is ispired by I Robot


    • Our own LimaBean is coloring Nick Roche’s lines for Hot Rod.


    • Robby Musso, new to IDW, is drawing Ultra Magnus oneshot.


    • TFTM adaptation:  out next week w/Budiansky-Figueroa. 


    • Movie adaptation: Ryall and Furman on book, art by Don.  Four part prequel; explains lots of things that happen in the movie; areas in between Cybertron and Earth—source of Jazz image?
    • Prime Directive Adaptation- Milne on art, writer TBA.


    • Chrischarger is in the movie DOOD!


    • Transformers that you’ll never see in print segment:
    • For whatever reason, we’ll never be able to publish it. Ted McKeever’s cover for Hearts of Steel, but McKeever dropped out. Shown John Henry and Dino-Autobots at beginning
    • Evolutions pitch—ballista and da Vinci capsule Transformers.
    • Gun Fu Optimus Prime!  Very cool—has teeth between grille and bumper in robot mode.  Very cute.
    • Andy McDonald artwork of a Film Noir-ish Prowl.
    • Artwork by artist of “Uncle Sam” Prime cover featuring “inappropriate” picture of Prowl at a Thai massage parlor.  Go figure.
    • EJ Su’s Alien Deathray t-shirt design based on Hunter O’Nion’s shirt in the comic; Ryall wanted to produce them


    • Beast Wars fan-comic featuring “Razorchris”, which is Razorbeast with Ryall’s head.


    • Beast Wars profile books:  DJ, Torca, Cheetor, Bazooka: ALL continuities described in the profile book, maintaining Japanese names.  Bazooka and Torca artwork is phenomenal, very detailed, very Don-ish.



  • Q=Are there any plans to finish the leftover storylines from Dreamwave?
  • A=They can’t. 


  • Q=Who’s writing the Beast Wars series?
  • A=Simon Furman Ben Ye   We knew this.


  • Q=Are there going to be predacons in IDW universe?
  • A=Yes.


  • Q=Will we see any War Within takes in the IDW universe?
  • A=They think so.  They’ve shown some hints of Cybertron before it was a wasteland, but definitely will show glimpses bank into that era.


  • Q=Do you have plans for the 2-3 missing issues of Titan.
  • A=Not sure, probably not.


  • Q=Are there any legal issues with dealing with people around the world who are doing different things for IDW.
  • A=Its pretty easy.  No different than dealing with them in the US.


  • Q=Have you considered doing a spotlight special on Optimus and Megatron?
  • A=Considered doing an Megatron Origins story.


  • Q=Any plans for an IDW Transformers / GI Joe crossover.
  • A=Considered it, but want to do it good.


  • Simon Furman  – Will not connect Cyclonus and Scourge back to Unicron.
  • Q=Any plans to revisit the post-movie characters?
  • A=There is a Hot Rod oneshot coming up in Nov, but no other plans at this time.