IDW Art De Jour

Are you a comic fan?  Do you get all jazzed at the sight of pencils, inks and full blown finished art?  In case you haven't seen the numerous articles before this, IDW Publishing posts their Art De Jour to satisfy these needs of yours.  This week?  The Transformers: Escalation #2.  Here is the goods…

It's back to the grind for most of us today, so what better way to kick off a new week than with a sneak peek at an inks page by E.J. Su for The Transformers: Escalation #2? Yeah, we couldn't think of anything else either! The Escalation story kicks off in November with #1 (SEP06 3368), and then #2 (OCT06 3481) hits shelves in December.

You can see the image by clicking here