Hasbro Product Panel Notes

The Hasbro Product Panel is ongoing!  Here's what's being shown:

Movie Update

– 2 unique previews coming may 2nd
– june 2nd toy relase date
– Aaron is happy with movie toys and working with Paramount

New Toys

– Cybertron is over, no more toys
– Gap between Cyb and movie, filled with Classics to make kids and G1 fans happy


-Originally 2-packs, decided to change back to 3-packs
-New beasts Dreadwing (falcon), Overbite (Tiger), Snarl (Wolf) – Predator Attack Team
-Minicons are an important part of the Cybertron "society"
-Oil Slick (car), Dirt Rocket (motorbike), Grindor (truck) – Dirt Digger Team
-Already a request to redeco as Big Daddy

Classic Legends Asst
-Appealed to fans for ideas on repaints into G1 characters
-Fireflight was meant to be Powerglide, couldn't get name,  Call him Powerglide!

-Can't decide if they like minicons or legends better

DVD 2-Pack

– Unique toy and a good entry to the brand – inspired G1 Op, G2 Megs

Classics Deluxe
-Cliffjumper (Bumblebee redeco) – red with silver paint on hood and sides in jagged pattern
-Ramjet – Starscream with new head and wings (implied more seeker redecos coming)

 Click Read More for more info and the Q&A.

Classics Voyager
-Prime was going to be a deluxe but upsized because op should be big
-Trailer maybe in future?
-Meg – Go buy paint and repaint him (joking)
-Jetfire – As close as they could get to G1 form (Don used this in his new comic) – jetpacks come off – blend animation with toy

20th Prime – Original hard to come by, old G1 fans just coming in would want him

G1 Soundwave – TRU
-more of a classics package look
-working on using soundblaster's door, not sure yet, looking for feedback on the idea

Target 2-pack Magnus/Skywarp
-Thundercracker coming, all in good time

Walmart Devastator 5-pack coming, redeco of energon construction combiner in Devastator deco

Alternators coming to an end while they focus on movie, but still coming
-Ravage (last for now) – took convincing of takara

Titanium – more coming
-Fallen 6" figure
-Magnus – not redeco of Prime, actually changes into G1 Magnus

3" – more coming, only revealing 6" today

Hot Topic merch – want to rebuild G1 in a way that lets fans from the 80's to come back into the property now and not have to wait for the movie.  This is more for them than for existing fans.
-Will have t-shirts, reversible dual faction hoodies, belt buckles.  Big holiday presence, new merchandise. L and XL available.

Showed an Autobot logo in Bengals colors and said they wished they could have made a T-shirt of this.  GO BENGALS!

-DVD Update from SONY rep.
– Pete, Karl, Ben Yee, Karl Hitchins – Advisory Panel
– Alex Weimer, Joe Moore helping 

-Showed trailer

-Showed part of a Featurette, Susan Blu, Nelson Shin, Tom Griffin, etc. talking about the movie.

-Pop-up Video type feature, with factoids.  Funny stuff as well as information.

-Found 35mm reels to include as extra footage and showed to panel, an extra clip of some sort (maybe cut footage, missed this


-Putting Scramble City on the DVD but can't use original audio because of rights.

-Animated Storyboards, commercials, trailers, tv spots, Spanish and French subtitles, as well as many easter eggs on the 2-Disc set.

-Showed packaging sample – cover is holographic and changes from Optimus version to Rodimus version.


Q-where's classics soundwave
A-didn't need it with reissue

Q-any truth to rumour of more Optimus reissues?

Q-Talk about how Alts and Classics will be promoted.  Will they be in any comics?
A-Not really because of licenses for Alternators.  Storylines are too aggressive for car companies.  Classics timeframe is too short, but if IDW wants to use them (like Jetfire) they can.

Q-Non-movie toys?
A-"It's a full line, let's leave it at that."

Q-Alternators going to return later?
A-Yes, a chance for 2008.  Important to fans and will probably work well with renewed interest after movie.

Q-Minicons still story-related to Unicron?

Q-Movie toys in scale with each other?
A-Broad line, multiple scales, similar to other lines we've seen.

Q-Any plans for fan favorite Classics like Sideswipe/Sunstreaker?
A-Launch was meant to be broad with vehicle types, colors, and very popular characters.  "Top-tier" characters.  If the market supports it, they'll come back to do more with these characters and Jazz and Cosmos.  (Vice President shakes head no to Cosmos and everyone laughs.)

Q-Fans looking at Japanese trademark office site for images, what are your thoughts about that and can you talk about appliance bots we've seen?
A-They don't like it when we see items too early but they know it happens.  Can't discuss those toys.

Q-What are your feelings on Kiss-play?
A-They can do what they want in their market, but it doesn't make sense to Hasbro either.  "Whatever works for them".

Q-GIJoe had cartoon movies…if we get more Classics toys, will they consider doing something similar?
A-Not going to happen, we already have lots of media to support the toys.

Q-Will we ever see Maximals and Predacons again?
A-As the main groups, no plans now, but probably someday.

Q-Takara was uncomfortable with the cat version of Ravage.  Was that because they were afraid to put it in Kiss-play?
A-They probably won't even do it but they probably just want the robot versions.  Not sure.

Q-Any more Classics Dinobots?
A-Very popular, so always a possibility.

Q-War Within popular but Galoob doing poor job on Titanium, will Classics have any War Within characters?
A-Titanium is a smaller-run fan-interest product, so that's where it's easier to put in comic characters and others who wouldn't fit in main line.  It's intentional.

Q-What is TF: Heroes?
A-Can't talk about it, it's a working title, not the real name.  It WILL be American based.

Q-Any Headmasters for Titanium or Classics?
A-Not yet, but give me your list and we'll talk to Don.

Q-When will we see the Micromaster Aerialbots?
A-Uh, don't know.  What, it's out now?  Ok.

Q-Will we get more pirate stuff?
A-It's one designer who loves pirates.  You never know!

Q-What about the Cadillac XLR Alternator listing?
A-We were looking into it for the next Alt, but we're not doing it since the line is dropped.  It would have been Megatron.

Q-Will you make the traffic light bot?
A-Maybe we'll find a home for it.  Titanium?

Q-What about the plushies?  Will they be Popples?
A-No comment.

Q-Any more reissues?
A-No, this is pretty much it.  Soundwave is just too iconic not to do.  Probably not, but who knows what will happen.

Q-Who made the decisions on the look of the characters in the movie?
A-Let me tiptoe around that.  It was a good partnership with no specific rules.  We wanted characters that looked cool on the screen.

Q-Hasbro's registered Optimash Prime?
A-Can't comment, use your imagination.

Q-What about the Seacons and Blue Scrapmetal?
A-We get asked about this all the time.  They're ready to go but we are looking for a partner.  Probably this year.  No plans for Blue Scrapmetal.

Q-Will we get larger Titanium figs?

Q-Why do the Titaniums look the way they look?
A-It's a learning curve, they'll get better.

Q-Will we get MP Starscream in better colors?
A-If we do, it'll be in the right colors.

Q-What about the tan Megatron art we saw?
A-That was a fanmade experiment by one of their friends outside the company.  He wanted to see what would happen in the fan community if he tried to make it look like Hasbro's color guides. 

Q-Was Takara involved in Classics?
A-The idea started at Hasbro, Hasbro helped choose some characters but they did all the engineering.

Q-Will we get more 3" spaceships in Titanium?
A-The movie had some cool ships (escape ships, Decepticon ships) so we may do that.

Q-When will we get a large sized base figure?
A-No plans.  It's better for Hasbro to make more smaller figures.  With the movie, though, who knows?

Q-What do we need to do to get WW Grimlock?
A-It's coming in Titanium 6".

Q-Will future Classics have combiners?
A-Probably not, it's a niche line so making you buy 5 is a bit much.  Maybe a 2-figure combiner.

Q-What about minicon bases or Micromaster cities?
A-We look at everything and we've talked about those, but no plans right now.  We talk about it in design discussions a lot.

Q-What about the 3" Titanium figures not having pegs?
A-Not sure, didn't know they lost them.  Will look into it.

Q-Can we expect more Attactix molds?
A-Not sure, but they are going to continue doing TF's.

Q-Which is your favorite in the BWX toys?
A-Rattrap, Dinobot, Primal (each answered differently)

Q-Who did the 20th Prime voice?
A-The project was rushed.  They discussed having Peter do it but Sony didn't have the assets yet to grab it from the movie.  To get it done in time, they went with a local person.  Also, they didn't want to interfere with his discussions with the new movie guys.

Q-What about Alternators Frenzy and Titanium Defcon and Alpha Trion?
A-No redecos coming for Alternators soon but that would be one they'd do.  Will take those suggestions to the Titanium people.

Q-Can we get a smaller Fort Max toy?
A-Don't know why we haven't thought of that, we'll look into it.

Q-Is the movie considered an alternate reality from the other series, meaning no crossovers with other continuities' characters?
A-Paramount and Dreamworks are making it it's own thing.  We are letting them do what they need to to make it awesome. 

There will be lots of books and other media to flesh out the universe.

Q-Why doesn't Classics have that on the packaging?
A-We felt it might turn new fans off if they don't have the history of the line.

Q-How many waves of Classics are being planned?
A-Two right now. (Three).  Oh, ok, three waves.  Go see the case downstairs.

Q-If Alternators comes back can we get larger figures like Magnus?
A-We've talked about it, maybe like Starscream. Not right now.

Q-We want Frank Welker in the movie?
A-That's up to Paramount.

Live Action Movie Sneak
-Showed clip of Bay talking to camera, show footage in small clips.  Bumblebee, etc.  Looks like a Michael Bay movie and DAMN it is exciting.  Everyone cheered and we made them play it again.