Don Murphy Update: Last Day of Shooting

{mosimage}Don Murphy, like clockwork, has dropped by his forums for his usual 'Sunday Update'.  This time to announce the last day of main unit shooting.  That's right, except for editing and special effects the movie is done filming.  It seems almost a crime that things won't be ready for us fans until July of next year.  Here is what Don had to say, or you can head over to his website and read it there.

"Today is the last day of main unit shooting. In two hours we'll break for lunch. Then blow up more (expletive) in downtown LA.

Next week a reduced unit with very few actors will head to different cities and pick up some establishing shots. Then some of the team will head to the Frozen North.

The film is basically done today boys and girls. And by done I mean filming. If ever there was a film that was really going to be made in post production, this is it. Much editing and many effects to go.

How do I feel? There is a promo reel that has been put together for exhibitors and retailers that is mind boggling. There is a trailer being put together for later this year that should blow your mind.

I'm feeling pretty good that we've made a film that you will like. Only time will tell. "

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