Details On TF Club Exclusive Astrotrain

TFW2005 member Beastbox X have pointed out that the newest issue of Master Collector have info on TF Club Exclusive Astrotrain, the repaint of Armada Jetfire.

Sample Image

From his post:    

Astrotrains Minicon team are the Giant Planet Team. Longarm has been repainted orange and blue or maybe purple, Overcast has been repainted blue or maybe purple and gold, Deepdive's coloration is a little difficult to find out from the image, other than some gray on his shoulders. Also, it looks like Astrotrain is part of Cannonball's crew, another suggestion from the Club forums made reality.

There will also be an as of this date yet unannounced second club exclusive figure to be released around the same time as Astrotrain this fall.  

The Astrotrain figure will come with an illustrated text story.

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Many thanks to Beastbox X for the news.