Design Decisions: MP Starscream Going Stateside?

No confirmation, no denial, only speculation – but the speculation is rampant.  Masterpiece Starscream's possible future U.S. release was one of the hot topics at the Hasbro Design Decisions panel.  If he is released stateside, Hasbro's reps said this morning, 'Screamer will have his original deco.

Other top highlights from the panel…

  • Alternators is "not dead," but it will be "on hiatus."  In a related story, there are no plans for Alternator Hot Rod minus Kiss-Player to be released in the U.S.
  • Universe is, officially, done.
  • We should watch for some new "unexpected" forthcoming Titaniums on Saturday.

More news from the Design Decisions panel will be coming soon, including more pictures!