Dengeki Hobby Exclusive – Atari-scream

Kiss Players.  Love them or hate them, these recent releases have certainly made waves in the fandom.  Risky comics, scantly clad anime females, and the toys to match are certainly making this line one to talk about.  Now it appears that we'll be getting a few exclusives out of the line.  We reported on the Black Repaints earlier this week.  Well Fantofan also has announced a Dengeki Hobby Exclusive that will be sold only through their online store.  Here is the announcement.

"It was reported that Dengeki Hobby Magazine will be offering an exclusive repaint version of the Atari figure, known currently as Atari-scream, the exclusive will be available through the Dengeki online store. More details will be available in the upcoming issue of Dengki Hobby magazine. The preorder will starts from 25 Sep and ends on 20 Nov. Price is to be confirmed. Item is expected to ship in Feb 2007."

You can take a stab at ordering this figure by going through the Fantofan website here.