Creating History: Furman and Figueroa

Simon Furman promises to bring more information on a number of fronts over the rest of Botcon weekend, but he's already teased us with some tidbits on his future projects.  Among them…

  • "There are plans" for Galvatron in the IDW comic universe – but nothing specific beyond that.
  • In the upcoming Ultra Magnus one-shot, Furman would like to write Magnus as his favorite sort of character: a conflicted character walking "that line between good and bad."
  • There may be "some Headmasters stuff" in the IDW-verse.
  • In the future, Furman "would love to do more with" the new Death's Head.
  • More specifics will be coming on this front on Sunday: Furman will be working on some movie-related non-comic projects.

Also at today's Creating History panel: Don Figueroa, who spoke of a reworked, less floppy transforming Titanium War Within Optimus Prime, possibly in a future two-pack with a reworked Megatron.  Don also teased us with word of a new non-repaint G1 Ultra Magnus toy that will transform without having to remove his armor.

Watch for more on the IDW front over the rest of the weekend!