Botcon TF Club Panel Notes

Currently being held is the Transformers Fan Club Roundtable, which is more or less a Q&A with Brian Savage, Ben Yee, and Pete Sinclair.  The panel began with questions to the team, and then moved on to pictures and an explanation of the upcoming Astrotrain and other toys, with an explanation about how color layout is decided.

Q-Pricepoint on Astrotrain?
A-Not decided yet.  Should have the electronics.
Astrotrain got made because of love for the previously shown Spacewarp toy.  They know it's not the strongest mold but there was a vocal group asking for it.

The factories in other countries that don't want to do something just drag their feet until you give up.  That's part of the delay.

Ship date – It's going to the boxing company on Dec. 19th, hopefully, so that means two weeks there and then 4-5 weeks to get to the US.  End of Jan/Early February.  Preorders around Nov. 1st.


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Q-With exclusives at convention and store, are there any different challenges than what you encounter with the Joe stuff?
A-Yes, the challenge is that unlike GIJoe we go directly to the manufacturer.  Hasbro approves everything but they don't have any further involvement.  Takara adds a layer because Hasbro has to go to Takara, the club isn't allowed to talk to Takara directly. 

For example they had the Space minicons set to be used, but Takara said that all the minicon tools are all bad and can't be used.  This is probably an excuse not to make them for an unknown reason.

Q-What happened on Friday with people coming in a side door and cutting in front of the people in line to register?
A-That was only dealers who came through for a second package.

Q-Have you considered holding the convention next year at another date to coincide with the movie?

Q-Will you start using Paypal?
A-No, because it will raise your costs for us to be able to handle the added challenges of that.

Q-Will we see the Predacons from the comic as a set or some sort?
A-It's up to you guys, if you all want it and Hasbro says ok, then sure.

Q-Question about something in the comic when Rattrap calls Rhinox a "big rhinoceros"

A-That was a deliberat reference to 1st ep of BW when Rattrap called him a big bulldozer.

Q-Theme for the gestalt?
A-There is a very unique story idea for this, this will be the focus of next year's club comic. Ties into Armadaverse.

The second club exclusive will be a female.  They started doing both at once but Astrotrain got very delayed, so they delayed the second one for a while.

[Editor's Note – The comic appears to depict Airrazor as using Energon Slugslinger's body.]

Q-Can you please hold the show in the summer?
A-I hate the shows being in the fall but it's really been the best way to do it to work with Hasbro and in between other shows.  However, more info will come tonight, it may not always be in the fall.

Q-Regarding Nemesis Prime being on the site, will future exclusives be dealt with differently?
A-The store has had problems the last two weeks was due to putting in a second server.  The problems with Nemesis Prime was due to a problem in their version of Cold Fusion.  They are upgrading to MX which will fix the cart issues.  They are also putting in a Dev server which can be used as an emergency overflow server.  They are plugging security holes.  They are also working on a pre-order module for future products.

Q-Will we see Orson's World with Aaron Archer?
A-Go tell him!  He likes interacting but that's very time consuming.

Q-Any exclusives for Terrorsaur and the other BW characters?
A-It's all up to you guys and what you want.  We've been talking to Hasbro about something with 4 wheels that might be going away for a while…but it's complicated with licensing.  We want to bring you more stuff but it's slow and takes a long time.  Make sure you pick up the Diamond exclusive version of the comic which has a new cover and additional content.