Botcon Panel Notes: From Drawing Board To Toy

Earlier today there was a panel showing various prototypes, hard copies, conceptual art, etc for toys from the G1 line.  Some showed the Diaclone concepts and prototypes and how they changed from then to the eventual G1 toy.  Of perhaps the greatest interest was conceptual art for planned but cancelled additions to Japan's standalone Headmasters.  Although no pictures were allowed at the panel (which was completely ignored by a few morons who kept trying anyway.  Thanks a lot for trying to ruin it for everyone!) we made a list of what was shown, for those interested.  Most of these images will be online later this year at

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Please note, this list was hurriedly made during the panel, so excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes.  It's hard to make this make a lot of sense without the images to go with it. Images will be showing up online, but no photography allowed – check

Original concept for G1 was micromaster vs. diaclone, they showed concept art for that
Diaclone crane figure – bulky and had a base mode
Diaclone Ratchet sketch
Diaclone Wheeljack mockup with different head
Diaclone Reflector
Diaclone Prime trailer design ideas
Sketch for original toy
Prototype of Prime with longer stacks, short trailer
Earliest proto of a Diaclone toy, Bluestreak with black hood
Diaclone Battlecharger Sunstreaker sketch
Diaclone Battlecharger Trailbreaker
Diaclone Starscream mockup (couldn't transform)
Diaclone diorama shown (we've seen it online)
The Diaclone diorama Seekers were going to be the final colors, even had box art ready.
Showed later protos matching G1 colors.
Skywarp is the only 84 toy which didn't come directly from Diaclone
South American minibots – from the original Hasbro prototypes
(showed some with paint chipping back to the original proto colors)
Wheelie proto
Some sort of mockup of Tailgate and a battlecharger undercarriage
Some sort of concept for a gun platform (devvy guns and Deluxe Insecticon legs)
Raiden mockups
Diaclone gestault ideas – Menasor's precursor
Proto Stunticons – shown on boxes
Back of Breakdown's connector, Menasor foot.
1984 Japan early Superion drawing, then concept art.  Uses Raiden fists and the rest is all unique.
Collection of head protos for Superion, and blue gestalt pieces (hands, feet, etc)
B/W Silverbolt proto from UK G1 era
Green Overhaul proto (had problems getting the mold correct)
UK G1 Combaticons all the wrong shades
Scattershot testshot
Grey Overkill Seacon with hand drawn labels.
Predaking drawing with a transforming head (Razorclaw's head flips and the horns revolve) and different lion head.
Chrome gold swords – very very thick
Fists in various stages
Diaclone Blitzwing in B/W
Broadside – cartoon was based on the early proto – wings different, cockpit spins over.  Same stickers.
Octane concept art and proto – very different, hinged truck mode, looks amazing.  Catalog always showed chrome fists.
Astrotrain – they have found the early proto with extending arms, can't transform (they made one of each mode), all grey with purple like the eHobby toy.  Different feet.  Not a Step sticker.  Different head.  One-of-a-kind.
Concept art for Magnus – yellow trailer, lower legs form trailer, very different.  White chest piece.
Proto for Blaster from the Microman version.
Perceptor – box art was from the early toy proto – Microman with new pieces and paint.  Head is painted and stuck in place.
Protos for Hot Rod and Rodimus – Hole for spoiler had slots, like box.
Cyclonus proto – long nose, head with seperating horns and actual fists, lighter colors
Galvatron – larger gun for the proto
Gnaw – didn't transform, looks much different. 
Arcee proto – can't transform.  This is the one from Generations.
Wreck-Gar – blue and tan and white
Hardhead concepts – very detailed and cool
Translucent yellow proto.  Translucent may have been used to see how plastic flows into the molds
Weirdwolf concept – much much cooler
WW proto – used in commercials – missile pods on shoulder do open.
Brainstorm proto
Fangry proto – missing some details
Japanese exclusive Headmaster head – rhino concept art
There were a lot more planned.  List will be on site.
Showed what may have been a Dolphin or a sea lion, Bull, Cobra
Standalong targetmaster gun figures were also planned with different engineering
Protos of Decepticon G1 Targetmasters and Quickmix
Punch/CP concept art – additional parts would pop out to augment Punch into a Decepticon
-Chest had an engine, and weird wheels on his feet that can't touch the ground in any way. – check box art
Black Zarak with a hooters finger to intro the larger figure portion of the panel.
Concept for Fort Max from Diaclone era – ramp to jail with moving conveyor belt, waist guns would pop forward
Scorponok concept – close but more slender and sleek
Concepts for retooling – new head and chest
Trypticon hardcopy – Ramp is the same, the rest is different
Metroplex hardcopy – proto Stunticons and Aerialbots attached
Proto Skylynx
Micromaster transport
Action Master prototypes
Hardcopy of UK Megascream – may have been intended for 2 weapons
Proto Slicer – drilled holes in hands
Actionmaster tank – push it and the guns pop up and down
Pretenders – Various protos shown
Picture of boxes sent to Japanes retailers for how to stack boxes – no windows in HM boxes
Proto for VSY out of VSX box, VSA set (Superion vs. Menasor)
Grimlock proto
Constructicons half chrome – UK non-combining versions
Gobot Rumble (white and pink, blud underside for robot mode
Red Hot Spot with orange and a teal chest
G2 weapons would have been chromed gold
Motormaster from the cardback – Blue with red stickers
Menasor from cardback
Motormaster – blue and purple with aqua and purple gestault pieces still intact for Menasor
Laser cycles
More planned – Soundwave and Jazz
Most of the unreleases stuff has 95 written on it – that was the year it would have come out
Unicron proto – Takara yellow and green version – small moon and ring in wrong spot blocking the mouth.  Had a voice changer.