Botcon Notes: Friday Morning

Scott,  can you edit these however you want them?


Voicing the Beast Wars (1st Session) – 9am Friday

-Blu Mankuma on Tigatron: "You don't get characters like that often," [with depth, soul & conscience].

on Scott McNeil: "One of the greatest voices in animation, period."

-Richard Newman on Rhinox: "He was always the guy everyone turned to to keep things calm." 

on Rhinox's death: He was "very disappointed" but they "did it with great class."

-Radio drama feel in the studio vs. lone studio dubbing – don't even know all co-stars

Airrazor – "infrequent" kind of character on her resume full of villains.

McNeil surprised by Beast War's popularity 10 years later

Beast Wars his favorite because of complex characer writing

"Never since" has another north american show come close – cybertron may not necessarily "have the same creative love" put into it

"Beast machines visually was one of the most stunning shows I've ever seen" but just didn't have the writing


Design Decisions – gallery – "what could have been"

Few random notes;

-Alts not dead, on hiatus – related: no plans for Hot Rod alt in US

– IF MP Starscream is released in the US he will have his original deco

– Universe is done.

– Watch for new "unexpected" Titaniums on Saturday