Armada and Energon Episodes at

As fans it is always a great thing to be able to catch the latest episode of the current Transformers series running.  However, as of late many of the series haven't been at in a timeslot that have been conducive to viewing.  More bluntly, the timeslot has rarely been appropriate or easily viewed by anyone other than an insomniac.  Enter the age of the webisode. has been hosting many of the former Beast Wars episodes online lately and Cartoon Network currently has all of the recently ended Cybertron series.  These have been a great way for any Transformers fan to get their fix of the animated.

 Now has hosted several Armada and Energon episodes on their website for our viewing pleasure.  Regardless of your like or dislike for either series, it is a nice resource for any fan who just can't wait for the new series to start.  If you are ready for your fix, you can head over here.