Man gunned down by police while holding Megatron

In a turn of events that may lead to stricter toy safety laws, Joey Slick of Detroit, MI, was gunned down by policing after attempting to rob a jewelry store last night. Sources say that he walked into the store and demanded everything in the premium case be put into a bag along with all cash located on the premises. The clerk complied but no before tripping the silent alarm.

When police arrived minutes later, Slick was still inside the store in what appeared to be a standoff. The clerk, who's name has been withheld, noticed that the gun Slick was brandishing seemed to have a robot head sticking out of it. It was then that he made a break for the exit. Slick pursued, pointing the gun at police as he exited the store. Believing the Walther-P38 replica Megatron to be a real pistol, police opened fire. Slick died on the scene.