“Year of the Goat” Platinum Edition Transformers Hitting Virtual Store Shelves



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Allspark user AzT has given us the heads up that the Year of the Goat Platinum Edition G2 Optimus Prime and Masterpiece Soundwave  redecos have appeared in stock at various online retail outlets. No longer available on HTS, you can still find and order these now from the below retail links. Quantities do appear VERY limited, however. Click below the […]

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First Look at Masterpiece Year of the Goat Cassettrons



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eBay seller pak.online has put up some auctions for the Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Masterpiece Soundwave Cassettrons.  We’ve seen Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw in cassette mode before, but this gives us our first look at each in their robot mode. Check out the pictures below and discuss on our forums.

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Year of the Goat Platinum Edition Optimus Prime and Soundwave

Optimus & Soundwave


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Toy shops in Asia have received a couple of intriguing images today of upcoming Transformers Platinum Edition sets from Hasbro. The images are of Year of the Goat Optimus Prime and Masterpiece Soundwave! The “Year of the …” series is a yearly exclusive release in conjunction with that particular year’s animal in the Chinese zodiac. Year of the Goat Optimus Prime is […]

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