TFSS 4.0 Mystery Figure Leaked



Callum somehow managed to avoid Transformers during his actual childhood, but then the live-action films piqued his interest, Animated suckered him in, and IDW's comics made sure he stuck around.

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Images of the seventh, mystery figure for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 4.0 have surfaced via Taobao. Read on if you don’t mind being spoiled!

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TFSS 5.0 Story #4 Part 1 Now Online & Last Day to Sub!

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The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has put up the first part to their 4th TFSS 5.0 story “Foundation and Wreckage Part 1:  Deadly Aim” online!  This tale is written by Jesse Wittenrich, with story by Jesse Wittenrich & Pete Sinclair, art by Hosono Tomoya, cover line art by Marcelo Matere, and colors by Josh Burcham.  This story tells about how […]

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First G.I. Joe Con 2015 Exclusive Revealed – Wreckage


Fun Publications have revealed their first exclusive figure for the 2015 G.I. Joe Con box set – And it’s Wreckage! “Who? ” you might ask. Wreckage was first seen in a 1988 product catalog under the code name “Sabertooth” as a straight redeco of the 1984 Firefly figure. The G.I. Joe fandom lamented the figure’s nonavailability, however, a surprise came […]

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