New In-package Images Robots In Disguise Mini-Cons & One Step Changers

RiD Mini Cons Wave 3

Some new in-package images of the RiD Mini-cons (wave 3) and One Step Changers (Wave 8) have surfaced! This all new Mini-Con wave features Decepticon Hammer, Swelter, Blizzard Strike Slipstream, and Decepticon Forth!. They have already been listed as “for sell” on Entertainment Earth which means that we will probably be seeing these figures hit the shelves soon at our local Wal-mart/TRU.

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Black Friday From The Loyal Subjects – Power Rangers and Transformers Wave 3!


The Loyal Subjects – creators of collectible PVC and vinyl pop culture items – have sent us word about their upcoming Black Friday sale. For Transformers fans, you may be interested in the the following: TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 BIGGER AND BADDER THAN BEFORE! New Sound Chips, LEDs, more articulation and Tighter Joints! $12.99 Per Blindbox $208.00 Per Display This is […]

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Loyal Subjects Wave 3 Reveal



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Shattered enjoys a focus on comic-centric Transformers fiction and has an eclectic palate when it comes to toy releases. He is an expat currently residing in Canada.

We have seen a few teasers from Loyal Subjects already featuring individual releases for their Wave 3 line-up, but now they have shared a whole spread on their Instagram page. No word yet on whether this is the entire wave or just a smattering, but hit the jump for the pic.

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New Images of Transformers: Age of Extinction Wave 3 Deluxes


A Corvette, Camaro, and stegosaurus go to market… Transformers Colombia have added official images of Transformers: Age of Extinction Hot Shot, Bumblebee, and Snarl from the third wave of movie Deluxes! Hot Shot is a Tracks-inspired repaint of Crosshairs (because he’s a Corvette, get it?), Bumblebee is the same as the TRU-exclusive Evolutions figure (minus the Legends Bumblebee of course), […]

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New Generations Deluxe Tankor Photos



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Randy has been a member of the Allspark since 2002 and a member of the News and Content Team since 2007.Little known secret, his favorite Transformer is Skywarp.

New photos of the upcoming Generations Deluxe Tankor figure have surfaced on eBay.  These images show of the figures robot and tank mode and give us a good look at the details of this upcoming figure.  Tankor is due out in Deluxe Wave 3 of Generations 2014 along side Crosscut and Rattrap. Click here to discuss the images.

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