Full Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Now Online!


Star Wars fans now have the chance to get their biggest peek at the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels cartoon. Disney and Lucasfilm have put online two trailers for the cartoon – one that’s 40 seconds and another that’s 60 seconds – showing off the new heroes and the new villains of course! The heroes consist of the former Jedi Kanan, […]

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Entertainment Weekly Give First Look at SDCC Black Series Jabba the Hutt with Hookah & Salacious Crumb


Who doesn’t want a giant space slug on their toy shelves? Entertainment Weekly has now posted our first full look at the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Black Series 6 inch scale Jabba the Hutt figure with his lizard-monkey court jester, Salacious Crumb, and his iconic hookah pipe! While it’s been suggested that Jabba the Hutt himself may come to […]

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Star Wars Rebels Trailer Preview


Tomorrow, May the 4th, is international Star Wars Day and to celebrate, Disney and Lucasfilm will be giving fans a look at the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels cartoon! If you can’t wait for that, the Star Wars YouTube channel have posted a preview of the trailer, giving fans a glimpse at some of the new characters in […]

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BotCon 2014 Announces David Kaye as a Guest


Whether he was a Saurian, armored tank, or semi truck, his voice has made a tremendous impact on the world of Transformers. And having been several different Megatrons, Grimlock, and even an Optimus Prime, he has many, many fans within the brand. So it should not be surprising that for the BotCon celebrating Transformers’ 30th anniversary that David Kaye will […]

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