New Walmart Exclusive Age of Extinction Figures Revealed


The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a series of images that are a surprise to fans everywhere! The images show a line of Transformers: Age of Extinction toys which will be exclusive to Walmart stores nationwide. The toy line features a number of past toolings decoed as Age of Extinction characters, such as Beast Wars Terrorsaur as Strafe (with […]

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Images of Dinobot Slug Evolution Pack Revealed


A couple images for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction Evolution 2-pack have now surfaced via Facebook. The images show a pair that most fans probably weren’t expecting – It’s the Age of Extinction Dinobot Slug Deluxe figure… with Dark of the Moon Triceradon. You might be asking, “Who?” Triceradon is the G1-colored triceratops Mini-Con that was released on a […]

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