New Images of Legends Chromia, Arcee, Windblade, Lost Age Armor Knight Optimus, Black Knight Dinobots

Legends Arcee, Chromia, Windblade

TAG Hobby have posted a few images of the latest issue of Figure King hobby magazine released in Japan. This issue covers some much anticipated Transformers action figures like Lost Age/Age of Extinction Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Black Knight Dinobots (including the previously unannounced Black Knight Strafe), and Transformers Legends Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade! Also featured in the article is […]

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Exclusive Hound - Truck Mode have just listed a pre-order that will sure to have some Transformers fans drooling! The listing is for Transformers Lost Age/Age of Extinction in 3D & 2D on Blu-Ray… as well as an exclusive camouflage Hound figure! This is the Voyager Hound, but with added camouflage patterns and paint decoration to help him look more like his military self in […]

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Takara Tomy Legendary Weapon Campaign

Legendary Weapons

Do your Transformers figures need more weapons? Is your Lockdown still looking for upgrades? Takara Tomy have the solution with their Legendary Weapon giveaway campaign! Starting in October, qualifying Transformers purchases at participating retailers will net fans one of four Transformers weapons – Prime Axe (Beast Hunters Dreadwing’s ax in orange), Tricera Mace (Beast Hunters Deluxe Windrazor’s mace in red), […]

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New Images of AD-29 Slog


Takara Tomy’s Transformers Twitter account has also tweeted out images of their Transformers Lost Age/Age of Extinction AD-29 Slog figure. The images show the figure in package, in both robot and sauropod modes, and also lined-up with the other Dinobots! If you’ve been considering expanding your Dinobot collection, be sure to check out the images. Read on to see the […]

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New Images of Upcoming Transformers Lost Age Toys

Ultimate defense

Takara Tomy Toy Mall have updated their Transformers listings with a number of upcoming Transformers Lost Age action figures! The figures are LA-15 Grimlock (Power Battlers), LA-16 Slug (Power Battlers), LA-17 Snarl (Power Battlers), LA-18 Galvatron (Power Battlers), and LA-SP which is a 4-pack of One-Step Silver Knight Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Slug, and helicopter Drift. Check out the order pages […]

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Takara Tomy Designer Q&A – AD-27 Bumblebee


Takara Tomy have updated their Transformers site with an interview with the lead designer on the AD-27 Bumblebee toy. AD-27  is the new modern Camaro Bumblebee with the shuriken weapons that has been released by Hasbro in the TRU exclusive Evolutions 2-pack as well as in the third wave of Transformers: Age of Extinction Deluxe Class figures. Scroll through the […]

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New Images of LA-13 Nemesis Prime In and Out of Package


The folks behind the Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter account have posted four new images of Transofmrers: Lost Age/Age of Extinction LA-13 Nemesis Prime both in and out of package. This figure is a redeco of Power Battlers Optimus Prime, complete with furious sword-swinging action! Fans can expect this version of Nemesis Prime to be released this weekend in Japan. Read […]

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New Image of Transformers Lost Age LA-13 Nemesis Prime


Also tweeted this morning by Takara Tomy designer Hisashi Yuki is a new image of Transformers Lost Age/Age of Extinction LA-13 Nemesis Prime! This figure is a redeco of the Power Battlers Optimus Prime in the usual black, teal, and gray color scheme that pretty much everyone has gotten accustomed to n regards to evil Optimus Primes. Read on to […]

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New Hobby Magazine Images – Kabaya Transformers Go! Swordbots; LA-13 Nemesis Prime


Planet Iacon have updated their Facebook page with two images from a new Japanese hobby magazine. These images show off upcoming figure LA-13 Nemesis Prime (a repaint of Power Battlers Optimus Prime) and Kabaya candy kits Swordbots from Transformers Go! It looks like this samurai team – Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganoh – manage to pull off each of their modes, […]

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Astrotrain Micron Campaign Begins Friday 8/8


That little clear purple space shuttle is just two days away from release! That’s right, the campaign for Micron Astrotrain – a translucent purple redeco of Generations Payload – is scheduled to start Friday, August 8th at Toys R Us Stores in Japan. This is a little unusual as the campaigns usually start on a Saturday but since this Friday […]

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New Image of Takara Tomy’s G1-Colored Lost Age Grimlock


Him want come home with you! Takara Tomy have tweeted out a new image of their Transformers  Lost Age/Age of Extinction Grimlock G1 version. It appears that the toy in the photo is a final production sample, giving us a great look at how the figure looks in gray plastic and gold chrome. For fans in Japan, time is running […]

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Toys R Us Japan Exclusive “Lucky Bag” of Transformers


Toys R Us Japan are currently offering a “lucky bag” of Transformers product to Transformers fans looking to score a great deal. The bag of figures includes Movie Advanced AD20 Black Knight Grimlock, AD23 Drift, and AD26 Lockdown. The normal price for these three figures is 13,100 yen ($128.53 USD), but the price being offered on the lucky bag is […]

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Upcoming Lost Age Figures from Takara Tomy

PB Grimlock dino

Japanese online retailer  have listed a number of new, upcoming Transformers: Lost Age action figures from Takara Tomy. No images are shown, but most of the listings appear to be for Takara Tomy versions of the Power Battlers toys. Check out the following listings: LA14 Battle Command Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Powerhouse Set – 8100 yen LA15 Battle Attack […]

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