In-Hand Images of Transformers Kreon Gashapon


Vending machine across Japan have been getting stocked with Takara Tomy A.R.T.S’ latest Transformers gashapon product – Kreons – and now @haltroN1 has tweeted out images that he has taken of one of the machines! The Kreons are the same as the ones that came in the first wave of construction sets, with the exception of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, […]

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Official Images of Kre-O Robots In Disguise and Battle Changers – Including Versus Packs

Battle Changers Optimus vs Megatron

Toy blog Idle Hands have gotten their, well, hands on new official images of Kre-O product. The images show off a few Robots in Disguise and Battle Changers sets that we have seen before, but also give us a look at some Battle Changer VS packs that hadn’t been seen. Battle Changers are the small construction sets that can actually […]

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50% Off Kre-O Sets at Toys R Us


Fans of construction sets and mini-figures head out to your local Toys R Us stores! Starting this past Sunday, the retail chain is offering all Kre-O sets for 50% off their listed price…including some of those sets already on deep clearance! This is a spectacular time to stock up on those construction sets that you’ve been eyeing but were just […]

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Fan Expo Toronto Friday – Hasbro Booth


While perhaps nothing “new” is on display at Hasbro’s booth at Fan Expo Toronto this weekend, they still offer fans an eyeful…and a armful! Several display case show of product soon to show up in stores, a recreation of G1 Prowl’s car mode sits in the middle of the display area, and the Hasbro store is offering some great product […]

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Iacon Gallery Spotlight — Boltax’ Kre-O Space Bridge



Eric has been a member of the Allspark since 2003 and is active primarily in the Iacon Art Gallery. He's most well known for his work on the community's Allspark Sourcebook where he coordinated a vast catalogue of the Allspark's resident Transformers Fan Characters. He's typically known as the 'profile guy' these days. In his day job he draws weather maps for around the world for AccuWeather.

The creativity and skill of individuals who play with Lego, Kre-O, and associated brick toys never ceases to amaze me. And our very own Boltax has made a MONSTER of a build. Boltax has made a Kre-O representation of Straxus’ space bridge as it appeared in Marvel Comics’ TRANSFORMERS series, issue #18’s “The Bridge to Nowhere!” And not content to […]

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Kre-O: Base Plates for Everyone!


Kreons and other construction toy minifigures are built for easy display thanks to the holes in the bottoms of their feet that allow them to interact with the plastic bricks they come packaged alongside. But what if you have more minifigures than you have bricks? Or what if you want to create a larger, more steady surface for your contruction […]

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Official Image of Kre-O Grimlock Unleashed Build Set


As we reported a couple days ago there’s a new Kre-O set hitting the shelves of Toys R Us stores, one that let’s you build a giant G1-version of Grimlock’s t-rex mode! Now the Official Hasbro Facebook page gives us another look at the Grimlock Unleashed build set and the 5 Kreon minifigures that come with it. Here’s what they […]

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New Kre-O Sets Revealed – Grimlock Unleashed, Elite Optimus Prime, Stinger Replicator Chamber


In addition to the two Kreon Multi-packs that we reported earlier, three more Kre-O sets have been revealed today. The first set comes by way of JukeOutlander of the 2005 Boards after a trip to his local Toys R Us store – it’s a construction set that builds a rather G1-looking Grimlock in t-rex mode. The set also comes with […]

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Army Builder Kreon multi-packs


Everyone needs more minifigures, and Hasbro is apparently more than willing to provide them! Facebook fan group Transformers Colombia have posted two new images of upcoming Kreon multi-packs – that’s right, just the Kreons! The first set is simply titled “Kreon 4-Pack” and includes movie versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron, as well as Evac from the Universal Studios […]

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