Interior Images From Generations Vol 2 Book

Starsaber copy


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Cybergeeks Alliance brings us scans of interior pages from Million Publishing’s Generations 2014 Volume 2 book. Featured are new images showing off the Headmaster functionality of MP Starsaber, detailed turn-arounds of MP Ultra Magnus, and better quality of images of Takara/Tomy TF4 product.

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Hero-X/Million Publishing Transformers Generations 2014 Voting Results Revealed


As fans are most likely aware, Million Publishing have been running a poll in which the next Hero-X Transformers Generations exclusive figure would be decided. The choices were all fairly interesting: Alpha Trion from Generations Scourge, The Fallen from Generations Onslaught, Sunstreaker Police Type from Universe Sunstreaker, Smokescreen (G2) from Universe Smokescreen, Autobot Drift Black Vers. from Generations Drift, Overdrive […]

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Transformers Generations 2014 Vol. 1 Coming Soon!



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Amazon Japan recently added a new preorder up on their webpage.  The preorder is for Million Publishing’s Transformers Generations 2014 Vol. 1.  Million Publishing has also added a “Coming Soon” page for the 2014 installment of Transformers Generations.  No word yet on the contents of the book or if it will feature an exclusive figure offer like the majority of […]

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