The Rest of Tiny Titans Wave 3 Revealed


Not long after Previews revealed 3 of the Tiny Titans Wave 3 figures, a new image shows off the rest of the wave! G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Shockwave, and Beast Wars Megatron are joined by RiD Drift, RiD Fixit, G1 Wheeljack, G1 Wreck-Gar, G1 Repugnus, G1 Doublecross, and what look like 3 more RiD Decepticons. Read on to see @haltroN1’s […]

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Tiny Titans Wave 3 Revealed


Or at least three of the twelve have been. Previews Magazine from Diamond Comics Distributors has posted an image of three of the wave 3 characters, including G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Shockwave, and Beast Wars Megatron! No word yet on the other nine characters, but now with the inclusion of Beast Wars Megatron, we now have confirmation that these tiny […]

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Today is the 30th Anniversary for the Transformers Cartoon


30 years ago today, the first episode of the Transformers cartoon aired and soon afterwards wide-eyed children across the United States (and then the world) fell in love with it! How do you remember watching that first episode? Were you immediately enthralled? Was your mind blown? Today is the day to contemplate just how that first episode led you down […]

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