Transformers Legends Manga #21 Now Online


After a bit of a break, the Transformers Legends online manga is back! The 21st installment of the goofy comic strip by Hayato Sakamoto features Rattle (Rattrap) and Legends Brainstorm. There are also a few of the other G1 Headmasters present, getting a little upset with Rattle’s shenanigans. Read on to see the manga, or head over to Takara Tomy’s […]

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Amazing Beast Wars Rattrap Cosplay!


If you’re going to C2E2, look out for giant rats! Sam Brooker (@BioCosplay on Twitter) has posted images of the spectacular Rattrap cosplay costume that he will be wearing at the convention. Make sure you keep an eye out for him and take plenty of photos! Read on to see the tweet with the images.

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Blast from the Past – Design Sketches for BW2 Galvatron


Hisashi Yuki has been tweeting out an interesting series of images focused on the concept and design phase for Beast Wars 2 Galvatron. In one sketch he drops the dragon mode in favor of an alternate mode more like Transformers 2010 Galvatron, in another he tries to fit a more realistic drill tank into the dragon’s form, and in a […]

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Get Voicemail Message From/Hang Out With David Kaye and Help A Charity


Transformers voice actor David Kaye has given Transformers fans the excellent voices for Beast Wars Megatron, Unicron Trilogy Megatron, Animated Optimus Prime, and others. Now he wants to give lucky bidders their own personal voicemail message in one of his famous voices! The Bidding For Good auction begins tomorrow, August 24th, and ends September 7th. If a voicemail message isn’t […]

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