In-Hand Images of Transformers Cloud Megatron and Optimus Prime


With Transformers Cloud Megatron and now Optimus Prime being released, we’re starting to get photos of both figures in collectors’ hands! Planet Iacon have updated their Facebook page with a preliminary gallery for the two bitter rivals, including a good look at the pack-in comic covers and the final Optimus Prime toy. It would appear that Optimus differs from the […]

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The First Transformers Mode “EVA” Text Story is Now Online!


A Transformers vs. Evangelion crossover is one of those things that Transformers fans have secretly wished for but never expected would ever actually happen…Until it did! We’ve seen images of the MP-10 figure that will be released in EVA colors, but the fictional story behind this color scheme has been left vague. Fortunately, though, Takara Tomy Toy Mall’s website will […]

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