Official Angry Birds telepods Figures, Multi-Packs, and Track Sets


Are you tired of seeing us give credit to this guy yet? Felipe León Nájera from the Transformers Colombia Facebook group has posted a third batch of official images, this one for the Angry Birds Transformers Telepods figures. There are quite an array of them from single packs, to versus packs, to multi-packs, to track sets, to repaints, to clear […]

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First Images of Angry Birds Transformers Toys


Thanks to Toys R Us’ website, we now have our first look at the Angry Birds Transformers toys! Two products were listed: The Optimus Prime Bird Raceway, and the Energon Racers Pack: Autobirds vs. Deceptihogs. The toys are small, chibi-like vehicles with the Bird or Hog driver’s head in the driver’s seat that convert into a simple robot mode with […]

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