Megablocks and BFFs Transformers Shirts on TeeFury


Are cute Decepticons your weakness? For 24 hours, TeeFury are offering two t-shirts that might set off your Daww-cepticon radar – “Megablocks” features Megatron playing with Lego-like construction blocks (a pun on “Mega Bloks”), while BFFs has Soundwave petting Buzzsaw and Ravage. Both shirts were designed by Derin Ciler and are listed for $11. Head over to TeeFury to check […]

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Decept-Iconic and Optimust Shirts on TeeFury


Looking for more Transformers t-shirts to add to your collection? TeeFury are offering two new designs ready for you to add to your wardrobe! Decept-Iconic and Optimust depict an “electric” Decepticon symbol and Optimus’ face in an ink blot, respectively. Check out the shirts on and hurry since they’re only being offered for 24 hours and then will be […]

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