New, Larger Images of Transformers Go! Swordbots Samurai Team from Kabaya

Kabaya Box Art

If you’ve been craving more Transformers Go! since it ended early this year, Kabaya has something that has probably caught your interest. That being the next round of Kabaya gum kits/candy toys featuring the three Samurai Team members from the Transformers Go! Swordbots – Kenzan, Ganoh, and Jinbu. Now Japanese online hobby shop have posted new, larger images of […]

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New Hobby Magazine Images – Kabaya Transformers Go! Swordbots; LA-13 Nemesis Prime


Planet Iacon have updated their Facebook page with two images from a new Japanese hobby magazine. These images show off upcoming figure LA-13 Nemesis Prime (a repaint of Power Battlers Optimus Prime) and Kabaya candy kits Swordbots from Transformers Go! It looks like this samurai team – Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganoh – manage to pull off each of their modes, […]

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