Video Instructions for TFSS 3.0 Kre-O Gas Pump Build Set


For those of you wondering if there are instructions for the Kre-O build set included with the Transformers Collectors’ Club Subscription Service 3.0 Carzap figure, there are! The Club has updated its YouTube channel with an instructional video showing fans just how the bricks go together to make G.B. Blackrock’s gas pump, as well as how to convert it into “laser […]

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New Images of TFSS 3.0 Carzap, Kreon Blackrock with Kre-O construction set, and G2 Starscream


The Transformers Collectors’ Club have just tweeted out new images of a couple of the soon-to-be-shipping Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 figures. The images show the final versions of Carzap and his Kreon partner G.B. Blackrock with Kre-O Construction set, as well as Generation 2 Starscream. This is the first time that we’ve gotten a look at the final minifigure for G.B. […]

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The Transformers Collectors’ Club Gives a Look at TFSS 3.0 Serpent O.R.

tfss_3_ Serpentor_final

From the looks of things, the Transformers Collectors’ Club’s Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 has entered production… Meaning we’re starting to get glimpses at what the final figures will actually look like! And to give a little sneak peek of their own, the Club have posted an image of the Serpent O.R. figure from the sub service. Serpent O.R. is a […]

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In-Hand Images of TFSS 3.0 Krok and Carzap Samples


To give members a little bit of a holiday present, the Transformers Collectors’ Club have tweeted out images of Krok, Gatoraider, and Carzap figure samples from the Transformers Fan Subscription Service 3.0. These pre-production samples are fairly close to final, so these images will give Club members who ordered the subscription a good idea of what the toys will look […]

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TFSS 3.0 Serpent O.R. Officially Revealed


The Transformers Collectors’ Club have now officially revealed their digital mock-up for Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 Serpent O.R.! Here’s a description from the reveal: A very interesting figure that has appeal to fans of both Transformers and G.I. Joe, this character is a mix of the greatest military minds from throughout human history meshed with Cybertronian technology – Serpent O.R.! […]

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TFSS 3.0 Tarantulas – Second Version


The Transformers Collectors’ Club have heard fan input on the Transformers Subscription Service 3.0 Tarantulas mock-up that they revealed recently…and  they’ve taken it to heart! Their latest Facebook post now shows a new version of the Tarantulas mock-up with the deco shuffled around to better mimic Tarantulas’ TV show colors. Is it better? Worse? Join our discussion and voice your […]

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Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure #4 Now Shipping!

TFSS 2.0 Ad


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Fun Publications has begun sending out shipping notifications for the next figure in their Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS 2.0) to subscribers.  Fans will remember the first 3 figures were Fisitron, Barricade, and Thrustinator.  The remaining figures are Treadshot, Chromedome, and Rewind.  As to who is the 4th figure to be shipped has yet to be seen. Sound off here […]

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TFSS 2.0 Treadshot Video Review


Yesterday Optibotimus gave us a look at TFSS 2.0 Chromedome from the Transformers Collectors’ Club, and today Peaugh has Treadshot and Catgut! Treadshot is a black and gray repaint of Generations Warpath, while Catgut is a black and orange Jida from Takara Tomy’s Arms Micron line. Check out the video below and then discuss it here.

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Transformers Collectors’ Club FSS 2.0 Month 1 Figure Now Shipping


Allspark member Powered Convoy has stopped by with some great news for those that pre-ordered the Figure Subscription Service 2.0 from the Transformers Collectors’ Club – the first figure is now shipping! Fun Publications and the Club are still keeping the shipping order close to their chest, but hopefully it won’t be too long now before the figure shows up […]

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