BotCon 2015 to Have More Exhibitor Booths than Ever Before


If you have a rare item or two on your Transformers wish list and are in the Chicago area next weekend, make sure you stop by BotCon 2015! The organizers of the official Transformers convention have just revealed that this year has the most Exhibitor booths that the convention has ever had. Known names like Big Bad Toy Store, Stylin […]

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New Transformers Mask Truckers’ Caps from Stylin’ Online


Have you ever been wearing your Transformers-branded truckers’ cap and thought “You know what would make this cooler? A flip down mask of Megatron!” Even if you haven’t, Stylin’ Online is now offering two new Transformers truckers’ caps that do just that! The first is an Autobot hat with an extra bit of cloth that folds down in front of […]

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