Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Retailer Exclusives, Next Monday is Cybertron Monday!


Hasbro have made available higher resolution images of the retailer exclusive figures for the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction toy line! We have seen these on the Transformers Facebook Page, except for the new additions of Toys R Us Evolutions Bumblebee 2-pack and the Walmart Construct-Bots set. The 2 pack features Movie Bumblebee with a repaint of the Generations Legends […]

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BBTS News: Transformers, Star Wars, Aliens, Capt America, Iron Man, Robocop & More!


  Site Sponsor Big Bad Toy Store have sent over a new newsletter offering tons of new goodies for fans and collectors! Check out all of the latest pre-orders and in-stock items below: | BigBadToyStore Newsletter | May 2, 2014 |     Hi – Want daily product news and updates? Check out our Facebook page and Twitter!     […]

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Transformers Cloud Starscream and Brawn Available at the Club Store


Continuing their partnership with eHOBBY, the Transformers Collectors’ Club now have pre-orders for eHOBBY’s upcoming Starscream and Brawn exclusives! Starscream is a repaint of the Generations Doubledealer/Blitzwing mold with added Null Rays, and Brawn is uses the previously unreleased GDO remold of First Edition Bulkhead. Each figure is listed at $87. Click the following links for the pre-order pages: Starscream […]

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